Egyptian Airplane Airbus A320 Disappears After Leaving Paris

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The EgyptAir Flight that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday, May 19, was most likely brought down by a terror attack rather than technical problems, Egypt’s aviation minister stated.

The plane departed from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 11:09 p.m. on Wednesday May, 18.There were 56 passengers and 10 cabin crew members, added CNN.

No evidence has been found of the Airbus A320, and there is little information to connect what’s likely to be a devastating strategy to any specific cause, stated CNN.

The crash was most likely caused by a terrorist attack, added

A spokesman for France’s BEA air accident investigation agency stated, “The signals did not indicate what caused the smoke or fire on board the plane, which plunged into the sea with 66 people on board as it was heading from Paris to Cairo.”

“There was no special cargo on the flight and no notification of any dangerous goods aboard,” reported Capt. Ahmed Adel, a vice chairman at EgyptAir.

Egyptian and Greek military vessels and aircrafts are still searching for the plane and any survivors, added CNN.

The plane dropped more than 25,000 feet before it disappeared from the radar, reported

Air accident investigator Hani Galal told Reuters, “When found, the flight recorders would be analysed in Egypt, unless they were badly damaged. They are believed to be in waters between 2,500m and 3,000m deep.”