KFC has Developed a ‘Finger Lickin Good’ Edible Nail Polish


Photo Courtesy of www.adweek.com

Nail Polishes come in sparkly, dark or even bright colors. How about an edible chicken flavored nail polish? “KFC has just launched its new “Hot & Spicy” nail polish that came in a trendy burnt orange shade similar to Tabasco hot sauce,” reported BBC.

Scientist in Hong Kong have worked with putting in eleven herbs and spices in the nail polish. “The product is packaged in a small designer bottle and box, and it isn’t widely available to everyone but, the company will start packaging it’s nail polish in a few weeks,” reported BBC news.

KFC has also produced their own music video staring a beat-boxing woman playing a pillar while a robot dancing man shows off his ‘finger lickin good’ nail polish and it also focuses on the idea that the fingernail polish is made of fried chicken, and invites customers in Hong Kong to cast a vote for their favorite flavor.

Hong Kong customers feel captivated by the limited-time offerings rather than offering of the nail polish isn’t, which gives them energy to buy the nail polish before it’s gone. A Chinese Spokesperson’s colleague has tested the product, “It definitely lingered on the tongue, but I didn’t detect any fried chicken flavor in both of the Products.”

The KFC nail polishes has been expressed incredulity and some repulsed by the product like, “So gross,” expressed Facebook. “This new product of KFC’s edible nail polish has been developed only in Hong Kong and will be planned to be released at a later date and is unclear if the US will include them in markets,” reported Huffington Post.