Republican Donald Trump is “Last Man Standing” in Presidential Race

Republican Donald Trump is “Last Man Standing” in Presidential Race

Cruz.. out. Kasich… out. Donald Trump has become the remaining Republican presidential nominee but many important Republican leaders are not ready to put their support behind the controversial candidate.

“Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee, a parade of prominent Republican leaders is breaking with the traditions and rituals of party unity and offering him a blunt message: Nope. Never. I can’t. I won’t,” stated

“While some called for unity, many Republican leaders refrained from falling in line behind Mr. Trump, with dozens avoiding inquiries about where they stood or saying they wanted Mr. Trump to detail his policies or tone down his language first. Others tied themselves in knots as they praised and criticized Mr. Trump in a single breath, or suggested that they could abide Mr. Trump but loathed his agenda,” according to

Mark Slater, a long time “strategist” for Senator John McCain of Arizona, has stated that he has even prepared to back Hillary Clinton, according to

Arizona Senator, John McCain, a 2008 Republican presidential nominee, is lecturing GOP for failing to support Donald Trump as the choice of millions of voters, laying out his most substantial views to date about Donald Trump. He is also controverting some of the assumed nominee’s comments– particularly about prisoner’s war, according to

“Frankly, I have never seen the personalization of a campaign like this one, where people’s integrity and character are questioned,” said McCain, the veteran senator of nearly 30 years and his party’s 2008 presidential nominee. “It bothers me a lot. Because you can almost violently disagree with an issue, but to attack their character and their integrity — than those wounds take a long time to heal.”