At Least 28 Dead, 327 Injured in Taliban Attack on Kabul

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The Taliban, a group of fundamentalist Sunni Muslim militants living today mostly near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, bombed Kabul, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, killing 28 people and leaving 327 injured on Tuesday, April 19, according to

In a private parking lot a compound, a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle filled with explosives. Two hours later, a second attacker who entered the building died in gunbattle with security forces, according to

“The explosion targeted the offices of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency. The US embassy and NATO headquarters, as well as several Afghan government buildings, are also located in the area. Black smoke was seen billowing into the sky overhead,” reported.

According to, President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Gha,  posted a tweet saying  “clearly shows the enemy’s defeat in face-to-face battle” with government forces.The U.S. embassy also said that the attack was a “senseless act of violence,” and “that it supports the Afghan government’s peace process to end such violence.”

The bombing is still being investigated by the U.S. embassy and Afghanistan government reported