Ancient Anglo-Saxon Island is Discovered

Ancient Anglo-Saxon Island is Discovered

An ancient Anglo-Saxon island has been found in Lincolnshire, England. Archaeologists have several artifacts from more than 1,200 years ago, and have suggested that they all came from a settlement of a lost island, according to

This discovery began because a local Lincolnshire resident, Graham Vickers, found a silver stylus in a plough field using a metal detector. He reported the discovery to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which encourages the voluntary findings of archaeological objects found by the public, explained

“I was amazed by the quantity and quality of the material. It’s the sort of material you only really see once in your career,” explained Adam Daubney, a Finds Liaison Officer for the Lincolnshire Portable Antiquities Scheme who was pleasantly surprised by the finds of Graham Vickers.

“When the finder brought in the first few finds I was quietly optimistic that he had found an internationally important site. The stuff he was bring in (high status jewellery, writing implements, continental pottery etc) is the sort of stuff you’d only find on really important settlements. Sure enough, every time he went back to the site he found more objects that confirmed my suspicion,” according to Adam Daubney.

The artifacts from this location caught the attention of an University of Sheffield archaeologist Hugh Willmott and doctoral student Pete Townend. They conducted geophysical surveys and Lidar scans. “Lidar uses laser pulses to measure and map out surface features,” reported

This is now the third archaeological discovery in the UK within a month. “11,000 year old pendants were discovered in North Yorkshire on 25 February, each with engraved patterns,” explained