Mother Teresa to Officially Become a Saint September 4th

Mother Teresa to Officially Become a Saint September 4th

Mother Teresa, a nun who who dedicated her life to helping people, will officially become a saint on September 4th, the Pope had announced on Tuesday, March 13, reported

“The Church defines saints as those believed to have been holy enough during their lives to now be in Heaven and can intercede with God to perform miracles. She has been credited in the church with two miracles, both involving the healing of sick people,” reported

The Vatican said the ceremony would take place at the Vatican, dashing hopes of Indian citizens that the Pope would go to Kolkata, as Calcutta is now called, to perform the ritual.”I am waiting to get there because it has been absolutely jubilant news and I can’t thank God enough that it is happening in my lifetime,” explained  Sunita Kumar, spokesperson for the Missionaries of Charity, the order of nuns Mother Teresa founded.

One miracle is needed for beatification — described by the Catholic Church as recognition of a person’s entrance into heaven — while sainthood requires two. Francis officially cleared Mother Teresa for sainthood on Dec. 17, 2015, recognizing her “miraculous healing”of a Brazilian man with multiple brain abscesses, the Vatican said, as reported by

“Teresa, who was born Agnese Gonxha Bojaxhiu of Albanian parents in 1910 in what was then part of the Ottoman Empire and is now Macedonia, became an international figure but was also accused of trying to convert people to Christianity,” stated

“She achieved worldwide acclaim for her work in Kolkata’s slums, but her critics accused her of pushing a hardline Catholicism, mixing with dictators and accepting funds from them for her charity,” reported

She died Sept. 5, ‎‎1997, in Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, the eastern Indian city where she spent decades doing her work. She was 87. Mother Teresa was beatified in 2003 by Pope John Paul II after a first miracle was attributed to her, answering an Indian woman’s prayers to cure her brain tumor, according to the Vatican, wrote