Republicans Are Posting Remarkable Turnout Numbers

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The Republicans continued to post stunning voter-turnout numbers on Tuesday, March 8. In the four states that voted on the GOP side, the turnout far exceeded what the party saw in 2012.

At the Hawaii, Michigan, and Mississippi’s Republican races, the turnout this year was 30 to 40 percent higher than it was in 2012, according to Idaho posted a nearly 400 percent bump, but that may be due to the fact that this year was a primary, whereas the party held a caucus in 2012; those contests tend to draw smaller crowds.

Donald Trump easily defeated his Republican rivals in the Michigan and Mississippi presidential primaries Tuesday, March 8, and won the Hawaii caucuses, “regaining momentum in the face of intensifying resistance to his campaign among party leaders,” according to

Democrat Hillary Clinton easily carried Mississippi but lost the race against rival Bernie Sanders in Michigan, reported

Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich return to the debate stage on Thursday, March 10, 2016, according to