Green Card YOUTH Voices Spotlights Wellstone International High School Students

Green Card YOUTH Voices Spotlights Wellstone International High School Students

Green Card YOUTH Voices: Immigration Stories from an American High School, a collection of 30 personal essays from new immigrant American high school students attending Wellstone International High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota will be published in May 2016, according to . This is the first in a series of books featuring immigrant stories recorded by Green Card Voices.

The Green Card YOUTH Voices program started when Katie Murphy- Olsen and Tara Kennedy went to a Green Card Voices exhibit in November 2014 and were impressed. Both of them thought there was a need for Green Card Youth Voices at Wellstone International High School.

The Green Card YOUTH Voices will be recording the stories of 30 immigrants from 13 different countries. Each student will have their life story featured in the Green Card YOUTH Voices book. The students will also have an account on the Green Card YOUTH Voices website.

Many of the students that attend Wellstone International High School came to America so that they could find a better life for themselves and their family.

“When I was in Guatemala, we didn’t go to school, because we didn’t have money to pay. So I decided to come here to United States to find a better life for all my family,” stated Willian Alonzo, a student attending Wellstone International High School.

“Teaching immigrants from around the world is a part of who I feel I am. Three words that come to my mind with this question are: relationships, learning and commitment. I feel love when I think of the relationships I have for teaching immigrants from around the world,” commented Katie Murphy- Olsen, one of the teachers involved in the project.

“These students have taught me words in their languages, that young people are incredibly resilient, that you can love many, many children, that they will do a darn fine job of running things, to see the US from a different perspective, that most people want to be asked about themselves and seen for who they are, and that advocacy is necessary,” stated Tara Kennedy, another teacher involved in the project.

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