Disney Increases Security Measures

Photo Cortesy Of  attractionsmanagement.com

Photo Cortesy Of attractionsmanagement.com

After the shooting at San Bernardino and the terrorist attack in Paris, Disney has increased their security procedures in the park, according to CNBC News.

At Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida Disneyland, park officials will be checking bags by hand plus checked by a handheld metal detector, according to CBN News.

When visitors go to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure theme parks in Anaheim they will be randomly chosen to go through metal detectors at the park entrances. The parks have added extra security patrols and ceased all sales of toy guns at all gift shops, explained Breitbart News Network.

Marissa Caccavale, who works  Parade Support for Disneyland Parades, thinks that the security really helps and keeps the visitors feeling safe.

“I like that guests can enter the park knowing additional measures have been taken to increase their security. People go to the park to enjoy time with friends and family and deserve to feel safe and secure throughout their experience,” Marissa Caccavale, Parade Support for Disneyland Parades.

“Honestly, the extra wait time can be a bit annoying at times. But overall it’s worth knowing that I am safe at work and that everyone is the park is safe,” she mentioned.

“I have been with the resort for nine plus years and nothing has changed about the way I get to and leave work. I have always felt safe working there so I wouldn’t say I feel safer but I do appreciate the effort being put forth,” according to Marissa Caccavale. “Disneyland has consistently emphasized safety throughout my time with the company. We have a lot of training’s and things to keep us up to date and working in a safe and effective manner. I don’t think I would change anything.”

“They already perform bag checks at all entrances and require all cast members to scan in with a photo ID. It would be nice to get more bag check stations or additional cast members doing the checks to expedite the lines but beside that I think the security measures are pretty effective,” she mentioned.

“Disneyland is a great and fun place to work. I’ve had a blast working there for almost a decade and have always felt safe during my time there,” she added.