Iraqi Military Takes Back Land From ISIS


Iraq’s military took back a city on the outskirts of Ramadi, a province  capital west of Baghdad, Iraq that was captured by the Islamic State group earlier this year, officials told The Associated Press, Tuesday, December 8th, just after Iraqi forces announced the capture of the Palestine Bridge CBS News and Fox News explained.

ISIS captured Ramadi in May and now Al-Abadi, the top military commander, declared victory in the battle. However, the fighting still continues on the outskirts of town. ISIS has have power over Tikrit since June. Iraqi forces reached the center of Tikrit and hoisted the nation’s flag on top of the Governorate Building, Al-Abadi said Cnn explains.

The victory in Tikrit helps for Iraqi forces to take back Mosul which has been under ISIS control since June. “Mosul is Iraq’s second-biggest city and the site of one of its military’s biggest embarrassments, when Iraqi troops dropped their weapons and ran rather than defend their posts last June,” explained Cnn.