Praise and Questions Arise Over Obama’s Gun Control Laws

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President Obama’s new gun control laws in which he requires background checks for all gun sales and greater education and enforcement efforts have been praised by followers and questioned by critics like “American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s widowed wife, Taya Kyle.

President Obama has stated that if we lower gun violence in the U.S, we could spare 2,000 families from the heartbreak of that kind of loss, stated

According to Washington Times, Taya Kyle told Obama his executive actions ‘won’t stop’ murder and won’t make Americans safer. She was the first audience member to be given a microphone where she immediately questioned Mr. Obama’s efforts to curb gun ownership in America.

Others, like a woman from Lincoln, Nebraska, who is a gun activist met with President Barack Obama on Wednesday, January 13, according to

Obama spoke at Baxter Arena in the afternoon and had a number of people who support his actions join him, including Amanda Gailey, the woman from Lincoln, Nebraska.

“Obama’s executive are an important first step,” stated Amanda Dailey.

A CNN/ORC poll shows that 67% of Americans support and are in favor of the executive action Obama proposed, while 32% are opposed.