Ghost Ship Found Along the Coast of Japan

Photo Courtesy UBI News

Photo Courtesy UBI News

“The mystery of the 12  ghost ships found alongside Japan’s coast has finally been solved,” according to Stripes News.

This year from the beginning of October to the end of November 12 ships have been found in the Sea of Japan all of which containing dead bodies and Cargo .

“However, a new ship was found December 6 on Sunday that really sparked investigators, coastguards, and fishermen,” stated UBI News

“The Japanese coast guard believes that the ships are from North Korea, likely carrying defectors,” reported CNN.

“The wooden vessel was 12.5 meters in length,” stated Independent News

“Investigators have found four decomposed bodies that were on the boat that washed up on Japan’s coast two containing no heads. The lettering on the ships said “Korean People’s Army”, the name of North Korea’s military forces. Many pieces of torn up North Korean flags have been found on the boat.Other ships that have been retrieved by investigators have been found with human skulls and cargo,”  according to UBI News, CNN, and Independent News.

“The ship was found six miles from the Ushitaki fishing port in Sai Village,” commented UPI News.

What the ships are still remains a mystery. Some in the Japanese median believe they are fishing vessels that strayed off course, while others say they could be transporting defectors and even some state that the dead bodies were spies, added Stripes News.