Super Bug Cases Reported in North Carolina; 1 Dead

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The same superbug that has been reported in Los Angeles, CA, killing two people has been reported in North Carolina. This superbug has left one dead in North Carolina. A Spokesman told

Eighteen people have contracted carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, so far this year, said Kevin McCarthy, spokesman with the Carolinas HealthCare System. Of these victims, only 15 have been admitted to the hospital with the case of CRE, only one has died, according to

Although, McCarthy denied any further details, she did state that the cause of death was not clear. Or it was not clear how any of the patients got infected.

Two of them died, the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said last week. CRE was a contributing factor in the deaths, but the exact cause of the deaths wasn’t immediately disclosed in those cases either.

In a statement, McCarthy said Carolinas HealthCare System uses standard methods for disinfecting its equipment, saying that all duodenoscopes that have been tested have shown to be negative for CRE.

Some CRE bacteria can resist most antibiotics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says on its website.