New England Slammed As Powerful Storm Churns North

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New England faced an old enemy, Mother Nature, on Tuesday, January 27.

She brought a heavy blizzard with her, one that is pummeling New England.While the storm didn’t pummel places like New York and New Jersey as much as feared, others remained very much in the thick of it Tuesday morning. Residents of BarnStable, Cape Cod for instance had up to a three-foot drift, and whiteout conditions, says

Sgt. Mark Cabral, the National Weather Service reported that Worcester, Massachusetts, had received 25 inches, and Boston more than 14 inches of standing snow, and counting at 7 A.M. on Tuesday. And precipitation continues to fall, fast and furious, according to

One of the biggest concerns in Boston is not what has come, but what has not yet to come. They predict more than one or more feet of snow, as well as another high tide around 5 P.M. The good news is that most people seem to have learned about the warnings, and are now stocking up and staying inside, according to

“During these storms, everybody has to hunker down and just be safe,” said Bob Connors from Plum Island, on Massachusetts’ North Shore, stated KTLA 5. “We’ve become pretty proficient at that.” said Bob Connors from Plum Island, on Massachusetts’ North Shore.

While residents of Rhode Island and Massachusetts battle the storm, places like New York and New Jersey are breathing a sigh of relief, claimed the OC Register. “We’ve dodged a bullet” according to the New York City Mayor.