Man Planned to Attack US Capitol Building

A picture of Christopher Lee Cornell and the building he was planning to attack

A picture of Christopher Lee Cornell and the building he was planning to attack

“I believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the Islamic State here and plan operations ourselves,” said Christopher Lee Cornell who was attempting to attack the U.S. Capitol building reported.

Cornell, 20  was arrested on charges of attempting to kill a U.S. government official authorities stated according to He was planning to detonate pipe bombs at the national landmark and open fire on any fleeing workers after the explosion.“I know my son probably better than anyone,” Cornell’s father, John Cornell Sr., told ABC News. “He’s a mommy’s boy. His best friend is his cat Mikey. He still calls his mother ‘Mommy.’ Just a typical kid.”

“He told me he had went to a mosque and now I know, in hindsight I know, he was meeting with an FBI agent,” Cornell’s father told ABC News. “And they were taking him somewhere, and they were filling his head with a lot of this garbage.”

Cornell allegedly bought two semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition from a store in Ohio, authorities said. He only had $1,200 in his bank account but his purchases of the guns totaled over $2,000. The FBI set Cornell up with the guns and the money.

Christopher Lee Cornell — also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah — was arrested by the FBI for the attempted killing of a U.S. government officer and for possession of a firearm in furtherance of attempted crime of violence, according to the criminal complaint against him, filed in the U.S. District Court in reported.