Uber Sued by L.A District Attorney Office


Photo courtesy of http://nbcnews.com/

Uber, the new and upcoming ride sharing company is being sued by the Los Angeles District Attorney accused of negligence in completing background checks on their drivers, according to ktla5.com.

The company uses “industry-leading” background checks that are made “completely worthless” by the failure to fingerprint its drivers, San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon responded, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Uber has now allegedly violated state business laws by making untrue statement about the background checks of their drivers.

“Unfortunately, Uber, unlike Lyft, has refused to comply with reasonable regulations as required by California law,”Los Angeles District Attorney Lacey stated in the news release.

“As a result, Uber continues to put consumers at risk by misleading the public about the background checks of its drivers and its unwillingness to ensure that correct fares are charged,” stated ktla5.com

According to Steve Kenyon, local uber driver, “I don’t think they do good background checks. They don’t follow up to make sure the person who applied is the actual person doing the driving.”

“I think Uber is very convenient and I think it is pretty safe,” Kenyon added.”I think the idea of ride sharing is a good one I just think Uber needs to change a few things up to make it better.”