Five Northern White Rhinos Left in The World

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“With Angalifu’s passing, only five northern white rhinos are left on the planet, including Nola, our elderly female,” said the San Diego Zoo about one of their rare and nearly extinct white rhinos stated. Of the five remaining rhinos only one is a male and the others are females.

After the death of Angalifu, a northern white rhino that died on Sunday December 14th, there are only five northern white rhinos remaining on Earth, bringing this species much closer to extinction.

Angalifu was being treated for conditions associated with old age, but passed away at 44 on Sunday reported.

There is another northern white rhino Nola, a female also located in the San Diego Zoo who was being treated for a mysterious illness which symptoms included a runny nose, lethargy, and decreased appetite, according to The unidentified bacterial infection had veterinarians and zookeepers worried about the forty year old rhino. However, antibiotics given by the zookeepers seem to be helping.

“She seemed to be feeling better today, she has been walking around and eating… The vets think she is responding to the antibiotics.” Darla Davis a zookeeper spokesperson stated. This is good news for everybody at the park especially after the death of their male northern white rhino.

A white rhino can reach 6 feet in height to the shoulder. Females tend to weigh 3,500 and males can weigh up to 8,000 pounds. A white rhino’s head can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds stated.