Window Washers Stranded at the World Trade Center


“The call came in at 12:42 EST and they were on the scene in less that four minutes,” said a spokesman according to Two window washers were stranded 1,776 feet in the air at a 75 degree angle near floor 69 at the World Trade Center for more than 1 hour on Wednesday, November 12th.

The workers were tethered inside the window washing apparatus. “I see two heads dangling over the scaffolding and one of the guys—they just keep looking down,” Reginald Moye who watched the incident unfold from the 24th floor of a nearby hotel, told CNN. “They look like they’re maybe five feet in the middle of the scaffolding, hanging,”

A cable on one side of the hanging washing platform became slack and left it suspended in a near-vertical position. The cause is still under investigation.

“At no time were the people in the scaffold unsecured. They were secured both by their own belts and ropes by the roof,” stated fire commissioner Daniel Nigro according to

“They reported to us that they were OK and they felt secure, and we just kind of told them it would take a few minutes to gain access to them,” said Chief Joe Jardin with the FDNY Rescue One reported.

Juan Lizama, 41 and Juan Lopez 33 were rescued using miniature circle saws by cutting through the 2 inch glass making a 2 by 8 foot hole reported. The two victims were recovered safely with no injuries except for mild hypothermia from their dizzying stint.