100 Year Old Notebook Discovered and Restored


Photo: thehigherlearning.com

“It’s an exciting find. The notebook is a part of the official expedition record.” said Nigel Watson, director of the Antarctic Heritage Trust. The book belonged to George Murray Levick, a surgeon and photographer who was in part of Robert Falcon Scott’s 1910-1913, according to CNN.com

The pages of the book were stuck together. The trust who was hired was Aline Leclercq, a paper conservator, to separate and clean the pages. The book was finally rebuilt and sewn back together, according to CNN.com

Robert Falcon Scott was an explorer who in the “heroic age” traveled to Antarctica in 1912 to when he realized that his rival Roald Amundsen had reached there first, according to bbc.co.uk

Scott died in the return journey back from the Antarctica journey with a lot of other people because the lack of materials and also the blizzards. Some people like Levick survived miraculously from the conditions, reported the LA Times

The notebook has been in ice for a century and the ice probably dissolved the notebooks spine but it was finally sewn back together with some missing pages probably, according to CNN.com

The pages in the notebook include information about the trip of Antarctica and also a diary.