Life in North Korea: “Like the Hunger Games”

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Yenomi Park grew up in North Korea as a child reported. At 9 years old, she watched her friend’s mother shot. This is just one of the daily casualties in North Korea.

Pyongyang is North Korea’s capital, stated, and is named as the “capital of revolution.” North Korea has a large working population of 59% workers with 90% women.

“It’s like the Hunger Games,” said Australian tourists visiting North Korea stated. “Some of the footage is just extraordinary,” said James Jones, the director of the film, ‘Secret State of North Korea,”.

Yenomi fled to China when she was 13 with her family reported. She was forced to eat grass and insects to survive. “When I was four years old, my mum told me not to even whisper. Even the birds and mice could hear me. Even in China I had to hide. My whole life I had to hide. I hid my opinions and could not express anything,” she said.

Tourists visited North Korea and said that they visited Masikryong, a skiing complex, and saw nobody except for the staff. The store has ski gear and food for sale. They also sold spam which was expired reported.

“… Any direct contact with the North Korean people is virtually impossible. As well as fear and reservation, and the intimidating scrutiny of the guides, most North Koreans cannot understand English,” said Olaf Schuelke, a self-taught German documentary photographer.

North Korea is controlled  by supreme leader, Kim Jong -un. North Korea is also known as the Democratic People’s Rebulic of Korea. This country also has a number of concentration camps with a population of 29.3 million reported.