Students Protest Colorado Curriculum

Students Protest Colorado Curriculum

“We find it insulting that you say that we are pawns of any one else,” stated Chatfield High senior Ashlyn Maher, reported the Washington Post.

For weeks students in the state of Colorado have been calling in sick to school. Through word of mouth and social media the student’s demonstration was organized, according to Fox News. They are protesting “positive” history curriculum.

The students in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains are holding up signs saying “teach us the truth”. Students are worried about the school district “promoting political agenda.” On Thursday October 2, 2014 Jefferson County school board held a meeting to give the students and parents a voice.

“The protests spread throughout the district to more than a dozen high schools. Teachers also were angered: Four high schools closed for a day when teachers organized a “sick out.” They say the board isn’t listening to them — or parents — on a range of issues, including AP,” stated NPR.

“The board voted 3-2 to approve a review committee that will include students, parents, and administrators,” stated the Washington Post. According to Washington Post, the district’s history curriculum was supposed to promote “citizenship and patriotism.” It is still unsure on whether or not the committee will review the history course.

“Opponents claim this is part of a nationwide conservative movement to take over school boards and rewrite textbooks to suit their views,” reported the  Washington Post.
“I want U.S.AP History to be available for my children. Slap a warning label on it for those who fear critical thinking, but don’t limit my children’s educational choices,” parent Lisa Cook said at the board meeting.