Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Terribly Wrong

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Tony Grider, a Kentucky fireman, has died during ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Saturday September 20th , according to CNN.

In this incident four firefighters were shocked from the electricity from a power line as they sprayed water on a group of college students trying to pull off the charity stunt. The Campbellsville Fire Department Fire and Rescue crews were helping the Campbellsville University band videotape their Ice Bucket Challenge on August 21, stated CNN.

According to CBS news, Campbellsville College is a private college and has about 3,600 students and located  roughly 65 miles south of Louisville. The university’s marching band was trying to raise awareness for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease.

During this “Challenge” two firemen, Alex Quinn and Tony Grider, were inside a bucket above the students. When they finished pouring the water the fire crew started to clean up when a bucket came to0 close to the power line and shocked the two men,  CNN reported .

“These injuries were very severe and both firefighters have fought very hard to overcome them,” said Kyle Smith, chief of the fire department,  Reuters reported.

These two fire fighters, Capt. Steve Mars and Alex Johnson were on the ground and as they tried to lower the bucket when an electric current traveled down the extended ladder and shocked them, according to CNN.

Tony Grider was 41 years old and left behind his wife and children. His family lived in the same house with his parents in Columbia. Grider’s body was flown back to his hometown Columbia, Kentucky and was then transferred to Grissom-Martin Funeral Home. “There are no details yet about his funeral” Coker, a local officer, said, reported CNN

A source told CNN that the power company told investigators that if someone gets within three to four feet of the power line the energy surround in the voltage wire can shock other objects.