White House Gives Out Classified Information to the Public

photo courtesy of  www.cia.gov

photo courtesy of www.cia.gov

The White House revealed the name of the CIA’s top intelligence personal in Afghanistan to thousands of public media. The person revealed was included in a list of people attending a military briefing with the President of the U.S. on Sunday, May 25, according to CNN.

“It’s common for such lists to be given to the media, but names of the officials involved with the incident are classified and not associated with the press. In this case, the individual’s name was listed next to the title, ‘Chief of Station.’,” White House Press Spokesman said, according to Yahoo News.

The way the system of information relays between the media and government officials is simple. First information is given to the press media, and then it is transferred between specific media officials in a news report- where it is finally sent to the White House Press Staff for a final check before being sent to the public media.

In this case the White House Press Staff failed to thoroughly check the media’s news report. The Government will pull out the CIA in Afghanistan, because of the dangers of being uncovered when you’re undercover.