Voyager 1: “Brushing the Outskirts of Our Solar System”


The Voyager 1 has been officially declared to be the first man-made object to brush the outskirts of our solar system, according to

“What an outstanding mission Voyager is!  I marvel at the wealth of scientific discoveries of Voyager which lead to the greatly expanded knowledge of our Solar System,” said Dr. Peter Poon, manager of the telecommunications and mission systems department of NASA, according

The spacecraft was launched 36 years ago with less memory imputed than a low-end iPhone. However, it seemingly proved to excel all other projects, surpassing three times the reach of Pluto. Although we often consider Pluto the end of the solar system, Voyager 1 is more than three times farther than that and yet still within the Sun’s domain, says

It is estimated that the spacecraft will have generated enough power to sustain it until at least the year 2025. If Voyager 1 does manage to leave the heliosphere before it runs out of power, the spacecraft will probe the Local Cloud, a wisp of interstellar flotsam absorbing traces of light from nearby stars

At the moment, scientists can only hope for the best for the Voyager’s discoveries, but at its current pace (roughly a million kilometers a day, hundreds by the minutes), the spacecraft appears to be in good condition and well enough able to continue its journey and future missions among the stars says