The Solarcan PUCK: A Camera that Captures the Sun’s Path

The Solarcan PUCK: A Camera that Captures the Sun’s Path

Taking an aesthetically pleasing physical photograph requiring no chemical processing just got a whole lot simpler with the Solarcan PUCK.


In an interview with The Matador Messenger, Sam Cornwell, founder of Solarcan, stated the goal of the PUCK is to, “introduce more people to solargraphy. Anyone who is interested in photography, astronomy or Space – or just has a curious mind.” Solarcan is the first commercial solargraphy camera in the world. After creating the popular Solarcan classic, Sam was inspired to create the Solarcan PUCK. The new and improved PUCK  far outperforms the classic. In comparison to the PUCK’s 24 hour exposures, the classic takes 6 months to complete a full exposure.


For the price of $28 USD, the Solarcan PUCK is ideal for anyone with a curious mind, even with no previous experience in photography. It has a sleek circular black anodized aluminum shell designed to blend in with its surroundings. One single day of exposure to the bright sun has been proven to be effective, as the sun burns visible marks on the circular photographic paper, resulting in a vintage look in the final result.


The PUCK is effortless to use and is infinitely reusable. Simply secure it to an object facing the sun and let the PUCK do the rest. Once set up, it will capture the sun’s path across the sky, leaving a beautiful streak in the end result. After a minimum of one sunny day, simply remove the photographic paper from the inside, scan it with a camera, and invert it to see the final image.


The Solarcan PUCK Kickstarter campaign ends on April 28. If you would like to purchase Solarcan products, view the Kickstarter here and/or visit their website here.