Relee M1: A Revolutionary Sports Helmet

Photo by Relee

Photo by Relee

Helmets typically protect bikers and otherwise in the case of an incident, but what if a helmet could keep riders safe and completely change the way they travel? With the Relee Magician M1, that idea has become a reality. Relee Magician M1 is the first affordable helmet to have unique built-in features with the latest technology. 


Steven, the founder of Relee, created the Relee M1 helmet after an unfortunate bike accident while trying to take pictures of scenery while riding. Luckily, he wasn’t seriously hurt, but it inspired him to create a safety helmet with the capabilities to capture HD videos and images while enjoying outdoor activities safely. He created the Relee M1 helmet with the goal, “to bring safety and convenience to commuters, trail riders, and outdoor enthusiasts.” In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Steven said that he believes the Relee Helmet will completely take travel experiences to the next level, while applying the latest technology and bike safety essentials.


Relee M1 is the earliest to reimagine what a helmet can do by integrating lighting, voice command operations, communication, and a camera into a helmet. Instead of spending up to $250 on a helmet with fewer features, the Relee M1 is only $80 on Kickstarter. Not only is the helmet considerably cheap for its functionality, but it is also lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic, allowing for comfortable, safe, and fast travels.


Separating itself from its competitors, The Relee M1 helmet has many features that make it unique from other helmet products. It has a 4500mAh battery that allows the helmet to last for 18 hours. It also has a magnetic replaceable outer shell with multiple color options, stabilized air cushion, shock-absorbing EPS core, Bluetooth speaker, remote control, and an action camera.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 28. If you would like to purchase the Relee M1,  view the Kickstarter here.