DIGI Swap: Turning Film Cameras Into Digital Cameras

DIGI Swap: Turning Film Cameras Into Digital Cameras

The DIGI Swap, a Kickstarter-funded product, is an adapter and app that upcycles film cameras, allowing individuals to use the original camera settings. This enables people to capture digital photos and video, according to its developers, Fireworks.

DIGI Swap enables the “film camera shooting experience” without having to buy films or modify the film camera, letting users see their photos immediately.

Mr. Komori is seeking $38,968 from individual supporters through May 25th, 2022. Supporters will receive one Gadget set if they pledge $184 or less, and two Gadget sets if they pledge $344.

The inspiration behind the DIGI Swap was the film cameras filled with memories. “I wanted to upcycle and continue to use them in an environmentally friendly way,” Mr. Komori mentioned in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Mr. Komori has been in the photography business ever since he was 25. This experience was extremely beneficial when it came to making a camera. Mr. Komori was also a representative for an IT company for ten years, which helped with the field of technology and creating a product that consumers like. 

Some of the challenges Mr. Komori faced in the process of making an app included allowing the film cameras to take pictures and creating a camera that would be able to be attached to any type of film camera. “It was difficult to develop an application that would work with the shutter button on a film camera, instead of using the shutter button on a smartphone,” Mr. Komori mentioned.

As for some advice, Mr. Komri reminds teens and all individuals they shouldn’t be influenced and affected by what other people say about them but should question what is going on in the world. “There are many things that can be solved by mashups and ideas alone, without having to develop something from scratch.”

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