Tidey: Give Your Home a Sea View

Tidey: Give Your Home a Sea View

Need a new view to look at? According to Gareth James (the creator of Tidey), the Tidey, a Kickstarter-funded product, is a smart tide clock that shows the tide at your favorite beach.

Tidey is a tide clock that displays the tide height and direction of your favorite beach. It uses live data to stay accurate for thousands of beaches around the world. Tidey’s animated display shows where the tide is in its cycle and the direction that the tide is traveling.


The developers are seeking $5,227 from individual supporters through March 23, 2022. Supporters who pledge $100 or more will receive one Tidey Clock with a 16% discount and a one-year free subscription to Tidey data. 


Gareth wanted to help people spend more time in the sea. When asked about what motivated them to create Tidey, they stated, “Our experience has shown that the more time we spend in the sea, the more we want to protect it. So our aim is to be part of helping make that happen.”


Some challenges the developers faced while creating this product were motivation and not stopping. Gareth loved this product so much that he even hired a mentor to help him keep on track and not get overwhelmed or distracted. 


“My background is in design – initially graphic design and computer programming mini games. Since, I have worked in Advertising for 20 years and have more recently moved towards product and hardware design,” stated Gareth in an interview with the Matador Messenger


Gareth advises young developers to never stop learning and to explore and try new things. He also tells teens to come up with many ideas and make them happen.


You can support the Tidey Kickstarter here.