LathePro: A Kickstarter Funded Portable Desktop Machine with Modular Accessories


It drills, mills, sews, grinds, and lathes. No, it’s not the latest gizmo from As Seen on TV, but rather an innovative all-in-one, portable desktop manufacturing machine, funded through Kickstarter, and is expected to retail at $459.

According to its creators, the product is “designed with modular accessories except for the three core functions. You can also transform LathePro into a milling machine, lathe machine, wood turning machine, and even a hand tool with its different add-on modules. And the desktop size can allow users to make their own artworks.” 

The all-metal LathePro works on wood, metal, and plastic with the help of a powerful 20,000 RPM motor. 

To those who pledge $1 or more on the Kickstarter website will be included on the newsletter of the VIP club. A pledge of $459 will result in a LathePro Early Bird package with a 34% discount. For 798$, a backer will receive the LathePro Super Early Bird Double Pack which includes two LathePros. The estimated delivery date for LathePro is April 2022.

In an interview with Matador Messenger, CEO Fang Chao stated their “mission is to bring unprecedented quality to DIY’ers and hobbyists around the world. Our team has always pushed and encouraged people to DIY their artwork because human potential and imagination are limitless.”

Source: LathePro