Revopoint 3D Scanner: Professional Grade 3D Scanner

Revopoint 3D Scanner: Professional Grade 3D Scanner


The Revopoint3D, a Kickstarter-funded product, will “…offer professional-grade 3D scanner at consumer-grade price.”, according to its developer in an interview with the Matador Messenger. Revopoint can scan anything to get a 3D model of that object digitally.


The developers are seeking $9,963 from individual supporters through December 31, 2021. When supported with $479 or more, donors will get a full set of Revopoint and more, including a Revopoint scanner, a case, a power bank, and a portable turntable.


This product was created by the developer because they wanted to improve the previously created Revopoint 3D Pop. While the inventors thought that the first generation of Revopoint was a great design, the creators felt that they could take it a step further. Revopoint developers feel that their product sets it apart from others because their, “product offers professional-grade 3d scanner at consumer-grade price.”


While creating Revopoint the creators faced many challenges like marketing. With marketing, they faced getting their product out there and receiving funding. They have overcome this challenge, however, collecting all of the funding that they need, and with the extra money, they will be able to create more of the products that they offer. Revopoint stated, “There are many challenges including R&D, Marketing, etc.”


The developers of Revopoint each have a “… Ph.D. specialized in 3D scanning area.” This means that they know exactly how to make the best 3D scanner on the market and can also create new methods to make it even better.


If anyone is interested in a field of work or creating a product, Revopoint gives this advice, “… always be good in heart.”