FlipN’Clack Table: “Easy Assembly and Disassembly Thanks to its Ingenious System”


The FlipN’Clack Table product by Moble Barcelona

The FlipN’Clack Table, a Kickstarter-funded product, is a two-in-one table, reversible with just a flip, and allows you to regain your space at home, according to Sandra H. Yborra; developer of the FlipN’CLack Table.

FlipN’Clack “(FNC)” is a set of folding tables that allows you to store them easily and save space in your home when you don’t need them. 

Yborra was inspired to create this product because of, “the personal needs that arose with the successive changes of residence for work and, finally, the birth of our son. All this culminated with a product that solved certain needs of a person like us…” Yborra stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger, who also works with her partner Álvaro Solís, in an interdisciplinary design team based in Barcelona, Spain.  

“What makes FNC unique is its versatility: the combination of several factors such as its reversibility, having two tables in one just by flipping the board,” as well as its easy assembly and disassembly, “which also works without the use of tools or screws for fixing.” The FlipN’Clack Table is committed to the environment and aims to make your life easier.

Yborra found the most challenging part of creating the FlipN’Clack Table was optimizing the most of the materials. “FlipN’Clack is a product that seems simple, but each piece has its function and must fit 100% into the whole. Assembly should be easy, so the thickness of the parts and tolerances should be optimized.” 

The most gravitating thing for Yborra in making the FlipN’Clack Table was, “to see how the FlipN’Clack tables have been fitting in and have responded well in many stages and situations that we have encountered.”

As some advice towards young people, Yborra adds, “I would encourage them to move forward with their project: with determination and strength since they do not always come out the first time and a lot of resilience is needed along the way.”

As of today, FlipN’Clack has about $4,917 funded and seeking $9,636.

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