Buru-Buru Bubble Soap Dispenser – Make Handwashing Fun!

Buru-Buru Bubble Soap Dispenser - Make Handwashing Fun!

Imagine being able to make hand washing fun? The Buru-buru, a Kickstarter funded product, turns ordinary hand soap into magical clouds of bubbles, according to the team of the 3 young designers behind the product.

The developers are seeking $16,338 amount of dollars from individual supporters through December 15, 2021. Supporters who donate $62 or less will receive 1  Buru-buru soap dispenser and supporters who donate $82 or more will receive 2 buru-buru soap dispensers.

Yi Jing, cofounder of Buru-buru, said he was motivated to create this product because he thinks handwashing should be fun, “hand washing for kids should be improved! The familiar sight of parents constantly nagging and persuading their kids simply shows that handwashing is boring and a daily chore.”

Some challenges he has faced when creating the product with his team is, “…is fine-tuning the rate at which bubbles are dispensed. Too much bubbles and it would cause a mess everywhere, while too little bubbles would mean difficulty getting a good coverage of the hand. We also had to tweak its airflow to find the perfect speed at which a cloud of bubbles would form on the user’s hand.” The team behind this product are 3 passionate designers trained in Industrial Design in Singapore.

Some advice Yi Jing has for teens developing products is, “Think you got a great idea? Test and see if there’s market validation with those around you. If there are positive responses, putting your idea on a platform like Kickstarter is an amazing way to get real world validation as well as the initial capital required to bring your idea to life!”

You can help fund the Buru-buru Kickstarter here.