Breez: The Smart Bedroom Fan


The Breez Sleep Fan, a Kickstarter-funded product, is a fan that allows users to independently control air and sound manually or in an app, and appeals to those of all ages, sleep types, and preferences.

According to SNOOZ, Breez allows for a quiet and soothing fan that still cools the user down. Or the fan can provide no air and just the sound of the fan. Users can use the app to control these features and schedule Breez to turn on at any time.

The primary fan cools the room off and makes no motor noise. The sound impeller creates the sound, therefore allowing for the sound to be adjusted.

The developers Mat Snyder and Eli Lazar are seeking $100,000 on their product, Breez, by November 26. Mat and Eli created their first project in 2016 called SNOOZ: Noise Machine. Since then, they have created their company SNOOZ, they have created multiple projects similar to Breez.

The developers realized that people were using fans just for the sound and not the airflow. In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Eli Lazar stated, “For our first Kickstarter campaign, we created a fan-based white noise machine. The product was based on the observation that a lot of people point fans at the wall during the night, because they wanted the fan sound without the airflow.”

“However, over time people started asking us if we could make a fan that sounded like SNOOZ, and from there the project was born.” Eli stated.

Eli continued, saying, “Before making this product, we read through thousands of Amazon reviews for fans, and there were three things people wanted: 1. A lot of airflow capability, 2. A silent fan, and 3., A fan that can give steady white noise for the bedroom.”

When asked what advice they would give to young entrepreneurs, Eli stated, “If you believe in your company, don’t delay quitting your day job. For three years we kept our day jobs (at Zappos and Caterpillar) and ran SNOOZ in the evenings. When we finally quit our day jobs I realized how much not quitting our jobs sooner was holding us back.”

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