Legus: Great Original Art Toy

Legus: Great Original Art Toy

“A blend of two worlds, where classic meets modern, where Greek meets Street culture”, the Goat Legus Original Art Toy by the Figment Creations, a Kickstarter funded project, enables artists to create artistic statues using a sturdy PVC vinyl sculpture and adding air dry clay to resculpt.


The product developers are seeking $20,000 to be fully funded. Donors will receive product perks ranging from a five-inch “early bird” product release for a $20 donation, up to one of a kind handmade custom sculpture base for $500.


Figment Creations was motivated to create this product from their “passion for creating and working custom toy figures,” Figment stated, in an interview with the Matador Messenger, that they’ve noticed statues have been around since even before mankind. “They’ve essentially remained the same in their essence (statues) which inspired me through admiration of how we could make them more accessible,” stated the product developers.


Once the Legus is purchased, the process of creating a custom statue with the Legus begins with assembling the statue. Three pieces are included: a head, a chest, and a stand. Next, the buyer may resculpt the statue differently by using air-dry clay. Lastly, the customer can create decorations for their creation using air-dry clay as well.


The Figment creators faced challenges in creating the Legus Kickstarter product. “The hardest part has been going from having just a cool idea to learning skills to make it come to life”, says Figment Creations, “The most rewarding was recognizing that if you give yourself some grace to learn and stumble you’ll learn so much about yourself”. According to Figment, failure is an opportunity to learn about yourself, and “stumbling” is all a part of the process.


With this creation, endless creativity from all different directions is in every buyers’ hands. The clay creation can be placed anywhere, including desks, shelves, etc.


Figment Creations also has advice for young people interested in becoming entrepreneurs and creating products. Figment says not to get caught in “Analysis Paralysis”, which is overthinking situations to try to become perfect. “Try small things out first and learn about the environment you want to be part of by joining in a small way.” According to Figment, taking baby steps is a very important part of wanting to create and design products.

Interested donors can view the Legus Kickstarter product at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/figmentcreations/legus-great-original-art-toy?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=Legus