MOWO – Move with Wood Kickstarter


MOWO Kickstarter product by Lisa Stolz

Yoga enthusiasts looking for a better way to stretch and strengthen muscles may find a solution in a new Kickstarter product called MOWO, a “slightly wobbly structure that activates the deep muscles during balancing poses while allowing the body to ‘bend’ around it comfortably”, according to its creator, Lisa Stolz, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Stolz is seeking funding totalling $18,837 with $15,474 currently secured. She was inspired to create this product by the idea of making an elastic seat out of wooden materials that would “almost feel as soft as an upholstered chair”.

“The product is unstable in a way where it reacts to the body’s weight and shape by bending and twisting”, explained Stolz.

Donors pledging from 1 dollar or more can receive awards for their contributions. The rewards range from a social media “thank you” for a donation of 1 dollar to an AERA bench for a pledge of $2,254 or more.

Stolz found the most challenging part of creating the MOWO was “to create the right type of material that is thin enough to bend and twist but also strong enough to withstand higher loads.”

The most rewarding part of the product development journey for Stolz was the moment she tested the first prototype: “feeling the seat bending, twisting, and swinging” with her body movements. “It was an amazing feeling and totally unexpected”, added Solz.

Lisa Stolz has some advice for young people who want to become entrepreneurs and create products. “Believe in yourself and your ideas”, she advises, “Never give up!” Stolz also states that it is helpful to work in a team “where you can bounce ideas around to challenge your assumptions and perceptions.”

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