Derek A. Kamal Creates Unique Kickstarter Video Game

Derek A. Kamal Creates Unique Kickstarter Video Game

Jacob Hunt

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse is a tabletop roleplay game about mice in motorcycle gangs. This game is, as Derek A. Kamal, the creator of Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse says, “a unique balance between being a setting full of cute, woodland creatures, while still being cool and tough.”

In Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse, you are meant to roleplay as a mouse in a big city, facing challenges with his/her fellow motorcycle gang members. You can choose what you do, from stealing from fridges to feed others, to running away from stray cats. This kid-friendly game is fun and entertaining for all ages.

Derek Kamal originally came up with the idea to create this game when he was reading the book The Mouse and the Motorcycle to his daughter. In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Kamal stated “It struck me that Ralph would do well to have some comrades by his side; why not have a full-fledged mouse motorcycle club?” as stated by Kamal.


After thinking about this idea for a while, he decided to pursue it. Originally, he created Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Rock ‘n’ Roll Sock Hop Mouse but is now working on Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Beyond Thunder City, which is about halfway funded on Kickstarter. 

While having no academic training as a writer or designer, Derek A. Kamal is a middle school teacher in Atlanta, Georgia with a Master’s degree in education. He is also a part of independent game makers called the IGDN(Indie Game Developing Network).  With the help of Jacob Hunt, the illustrator of Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse’s official art, he was able to release the first Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse game, which was able to get fully funded through Kickstarter. 

The advice Kamal would give to young people interested in creating products is “Start now! “Don’t wait. Don’t let your phone or your Switch distract you. Start making things now!”


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