Adori Audio: More Than a Case

Adori Audio: More Than a Case

“The Adori Audio” is a multi-fit, multifunctional, portable guitar case and Bluetooth amplifier all in one. With the Adori Audio, you are able to effortlessly and confidently take everything that you need to have successful performances absolutely anywhere.


There are numerous benefits for a guitarist to invest in the Adori Audio. Not only is it a case and an amplifier, but it also contains backpack straps, a laptop compartment, reinforced handles, card pockets, pick holders, a cable loop, neck support, a bottle opener, and several storage compartments. 


Aside from its astonishing portability, the Adori Audio presents to you high definition audio, clean, delay, & distortion, Bluetooth 5.1, and type c charging, for 10 hours of play. Shipping to 15 different countries, you can order the entire experience at the price of $299, beginning January 2022.


Matthew Slack, the CEO of Adori Audio, says “Spending a year to develop a superior product in and of itself is a long process, but after you’ve achieved that you need to convince others of that as well. For a new brand without an existing consumer base, this is a huge challenge…”In an interview with the Matador Messenger Matthew stated  “There are lots of new items on the market offering different bells and whistles to get a guitarist’s attention. For us, we just focus on the core elements of making the best portable solution,” he continued. 


“The advice I would give to anyone, in any industry, is to find out who they are going to report to in their industry. When you are just starting out, it’s important to find a mentor that will put energy into your development. Pay should not be one of the top things you consider for the first few years of your career,” Matthew concluded.