Plybot 3D Printer: “Intelligent. Simple. Affordable.”

Plybot 3D Printer: “Intelligent. Simple. Affordable.”

Photo Courtesy of Plybot Kickstarter

This Plybot  3D printer has arms to give a better and faster way to make it easier and faster to print. Also, this is the first printer to be used with an app on your phone. Created by Ian Wilding, the Plybot 3D printer has a goal of $50,000 and is at $46,193 on February  1st.

Plybot is a 3D printer like no other because of its arms, and that is easy to use. It is really easy to use because you can just order it online then get the app press print on something you want to print and then the machine does the rest. Most printers take about 5 or more hours to print their maximum, but the smallest is 10 to 20 minutes so you can just watch while it does its thing. 

His co-founder, Josh Mitchell, who was building amazing products by the age of 14, motivated Ian, the creator of this product. Josh won Young Engineer of the Year in 2018. He met Josh not too long after this event. Ian runs a global product development firm named ‘Hangar 15.’ Ian liked Joshes thoughts and his enthusiasm and decided that Ian would help Josh with the Plybot. 

Ian says COVID-19 was the hardest thing that they had to work around to get where they are now. It gets more and more challenging while remotely working while building things. They have multiple teams that are stuck in the US, UK, Sweden, and Switzerland. Working on Zoom was also another challenge to overcome while Covid was going. But getting through all of this had its benefits. Working with his employees and fellow workers to work on something that has not yet been done was definitely one of his greatest rewards working through all the challenges of the pandemic. 

“Be passionate. Be driven. Believe in yourself.” Ian Wilding says. Josh, the co-founder of Plybot, was told countless times that his product was a waste of time and would go nowhere. Now just 2-3 years later he is the co-founder of Kickstarters most loved 3D printer. Hitting $100k on February 15, they now plan to make the product even better for their shipments in July. They have taken several retailers who are going to stock Plybot for them later in the year. They have their eye on making improved products in the year 2022 such as bigger printers in multiple colors. 

Being so successful with their first product on Kickstarter, they plan to make their product better than before and potentially new products. Ian and Josh and many others in the Plybot Co. are working hard to distribute these all over the world. From just an idea to a $100,000 money-making machine, the Plybot has become the most successful 3D printer on Kickstarter.