Kickstarter of the Week: Papier Machine, The First Interactive Electronic Paper Toy


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Paper, electronics, graphics, and play meet with this new invention of the “Papier Machine,” a Kickstarter product that allows the user to create sound with paper.

The Papier Machine contains a series of six interactive electronic paper toys that can be folded and assembled for all ages, with the theme of sound.  Each toy has precut creases for easy assembly, and no glue is needed, according to

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, the creators of the Papier Machine stated that it was simple curiosity that inspired the creation of the product.  “Curiosity… we were curious about seeing what was hiding into our day-to-day devices. We did not want to understand it but to see it. We discovered a whole world made of colours, shapes, stories and even smell.”

“We thought we should make it visible! And there was born Papier Machine, the first interactive electronic paper toy where paper, electricity, arts and play meet to unveil the mysteries of electronics and stimulate people’s curiosity,” stated Agnes Agullo, one of the three creators of the Papier Machine.

Agullo stated that she is part of a three member team started in Paris.  She worked with music and charity organizations for several years. The other two members of the team are Raphaël Pluvinage and Marion Pinaffo who design in their studio Pinaffo Pluvinage located in Paris, according to Agullo.

The 24 page Papier Machine book includes six different sets of electronic paper toys, the N°1-Resistance, the N°2-Gyroscope, the N°3-Playing Track, the N°4-Wind Sensor, the N°5-Writing Track, and the N°6-Tilt Switch, according to

When creating the ‘Resistance,’ users can create a paper piano.  The different pitches of the instrument depend on the penciled in, zones drawn by the users.  Graphite is conductive, therefore creating a reaction with the piano, reported

In the ‘Gyroscope,’ the ‘Playing Track,’ and the ‘Tilt Switch,’ a marble is used to create sound.  In the Gyroscope, the marble rolls towards the battery by tilting the paper, and sound is created.

With the ‘Playing Track,’ everytime the marble passes the drawn in graphite areas, a sound is made.  With this toy, the user can create their own music sheet. With the Tilt Switch, the marble is placed on the bottom of a rolling base.  On top, the user can pile on paper shapes. When the balance is lost, the marble starts rolling across the conductive zones and produces a sound, reported

With the ‘Wind Sensor,’ the user uses their breath to create sound like an instrument.  In the ‘Writing Track,’ the user shakes the game to create a higher or lower pitched noise when the marble crosses drawn in pencil marks, according to

“You have books. And you have electronic toys. With Papier Machine you have both. And it is at the crossroad of education, arts, play, technology, printing which is quite unique,” explained Agullo.

To date the product has earned a total of €122,727 from 1,885 backers, where they only pledged for €45,000.

“Being fully funded in 30 hours and now reaching more than 100 000€ with more than 1500 backers [on Kickstarter] is the most powerful reward we have received so far. Confirming the interest of the public…” stated Agullo.

Agullo has simple advice for anyone wanting to create a product, “Trust curiosity.”