Thor’s Charity: “Make Your Life More Positive”

Thor’s Charity: “Make Your Life More Positive”

BYMS night custodian Sean Emad is honoring the recent death of Thor, his 9-year-old dog, by creating “Thor’s Charity”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting and donating blankets to local rescue shelters. 


Emad’s family and his organization have raised hundreds of dollars and purchased around 180 blankets this past year.


Currently, all donations and purchases are being accepted through Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle by contacting [email protected] by the end of November and Christmas time.


“My family and I have owned two dogs since moving out to Riverside County,” said Sean Emad, a BYMS custodian who has worked at Bernardo since 2017, in an interview with the Matador Messenger. Sean and his family adopted their dogs TJ, age five, and Thor, who was 9 when he passed away, from a shelter in their local area.  


Emad said, “On Nov 13th, 2021 on our way back from a vet visit we decided to take both dogs for a walk. Upon jumping out of the car, Thor went over to a light post to sniff and then started to have what looked like a heart attack. It was unprovoked and such a devastating experience.” 


Emad added, “Thor never showed signs of illness, he was always such a happy dog and in good shape and spirits. Thor was a lover of all things blankets, he would love to curl up on the couch or bed and hibernate underneath a blanket and just relax or sleep. This was Thor’s happy place.”


After Thor’s untimely death, Emad and his family decided to create their own charity for Thor, where they would donate blankets to the shelter that he was adopted from.


They named the charity Thor’s Throws, and their goal is to “give back to those animals less fortunate at these poor shelters and provide a little bit of warmth and hope for them while at these locations before hopefully finding a new loving home,” explained Emad.


The goal for the charity is to collect “more donations of blankets or financial donations to purchase blankets by November of December 2022, the one year anniversary of Thor’s passing”, as Emad said in an interview with the Matador Messenger. 


“We are looking into purchasing cots to donate to our shelter, allowing the poor animals something to lay on instead of the cold concrete floors,” Emad stated. 


Not only that, Emad mentioned that many staff members at BYMS have helped out “with monetary donations or donating their blankets, both were happily accepted.”


Emad would like to “…personally THANK everyone at BYMS that did help out. Thor along with us appreciates everything you did.”