Ways to Use Lemon Juice in Your Cosmetic Routine

Ways to Use Lemon Juice in Your Cosmetic Routine

Lemons could contribute to having a natural beauty routine. According to netmeds.com, lemons have many positive factors to your skin and hair. 


  Lemon juice is proven to lighten hair. An article found on  treehugger states that the citrus in the lemons opens up hair cuticles that could potentially lighten hair. When lemon juice is in hair and sunlight is added, it can change the color of it. Sunlight is another natural way to lighten hair, unfortunately, neither of these at-home remedies can fully color hair, but it does work for just a slight color lightener. 


  According to Femina.in, “the antibacterial particles in lemons can help exfoliate the face leaving it soft and hydrated with little acne.” There are many ways to make at home face masks, but there’s one in particular that uses only two ingredients. Just using lemon juice and coconut oil/water then rinsing after about 15 minutes can leave your face feeling soft, hydrated, or even glowing.  


  Lemons are known to fight acne. Mix lemon juice with honey and use it regularly to reduce blackheads, pimples, pores, and more. Lemons are good for getting rid of acne because it reduces the oils in your skin, according to healthline


  You can use lemon and salt to make a body scrub. Salt is known to be good for exfoliation. Adding salt and lemons into a body scrub can not only exfoliate, but also brighten your skin. For sensitive skin, a better alternative would be to use sugar. 


  Lemon juice can contribute to a natural cosmetic routine. Fortunately, lemon juice is a household-item for many people, and it can have many cosmetic uses such as exfoliating skin, fighting acne, coloring hair, and can be turned into a face mask with other ingredients.