ASB Hosts a Valentine’s Spirit Week

ASB Hosts a Valentine’s Spirit Week

BYMS’s ASB class hosted a Valentine’s Day themed spirit week on the week of 2/7-2/11.  This included dress up days,lunch time activities, and homeroom activities.

Every morning in homeroom there was a competition. There was a riddle contest that went on all week. If you got the riddle right, you got to move onto the next stage. There was also a dress up week that homerooms competed in. There was also a guess about the amount of candy hearts in a jar.


The dress up week included, on Monday, it was fuzzy socks/ clothes. If you participated, you got points for your homeroom. If the teacher also participated, it was an extra five points. On Tuesday, it was twin day, dress up with your friends to look identical. On Wednesdays we wore pink or red to get points for your homeroom class. On Thursday, dress up as your friend, provide a picture for it to count. Friday is Pajama Day, if you wore your comfiest clothes or pajamas you earned a point for your homeroom class to win the Candy Bowl.


The lunch-time activities included stacking the candy hearts, a photo booth, eating a doughnut off a string, and Valentine grams. There was music throughout all of the activities.


ASB funded and hosted all of these activities. ASB student Alex Bartolo stated, , “ I was surprised by the amount of people who were buying candy grams and playing the games.”


Overall, the week was a great way to raise money and have people participate in fun activities.. ASB worked very hard to pull these events together.