PYLUSD Hosts the Fourth Annual “Women in Industry” Event at El Dorado High School

PYLUSD Hosts the Fourth Annual “Women in Industry” Event at El Dorado High School

Persevering despite facing obstacles, maximizing your strengths, and having a positive attitude, were just three of the key messages of advice given by a panel of eight women representing occupations ranging from a lawyer to a stunt director, at the fourth “PYLUSD Women in Industry conference” held at El Dorado High School on October 13, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.


“The overall purpose of this event was to empower and inspire young women and to show them the many opportunities they have, and how they can achieve their dreams to the highest extent”  stated Amy Madrigal, Vice Principal of El Dorado High School who helped coordinate the event. 


The opening guest speaker, Dr. Linda Adamson, (Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at PYLUSD) delivered a speech about grit, motivation, and how it is necessary to make mistakes in life and to learn from them. “I believe that success is dependent on two things: confidence and the belief in yourself and knowing that what you need to succeed is already right there inside of you, and having the grit and stamina to withhold whatever comes your way,” Adamson stated to the audience. 


The event proceeded with the introduction of panelists and sponsors. Panelists included Jennifer Milo, Athletic Director of California State University, Dinah Felix, Business Services Director of PYLUSD, Lori Riesse, Section Manager of Mission Assurance Management, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Silvia Pryor, Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist, and Lindsey Young, Fire Marshal of Orange County. Also included on the panel were Michelle Manu (Keynote Speaker, Stuntwoman, Lawyer), Valeria Sosa (Lawyer), and Christina Lee, (MSPT Physical Therapist/Owner, Santa Ana Tustin Physical Therapy), as reported by PYLUSD.


 Following the introductions, Michelle Manu, known as the female Jackie Chan by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, spoke about defying gender barriers and her path to get to where she is today while motivating young women. Michelle Manu stated, “Don’t worry if people are thinking of you, because chances are, they aren’t thinking about you”. 


At the conclusion of Manu’s presentation, students from several PYLUSD schools asked questions of the panelists. Each panelist would either respond to the question(s) or participate in a speed round, which is a brief question and response procedure. A question stated by a student moderator during the event was “Ms. Milo, what do you see as the role of mentors and coaches for the next generation?”. Ms. Milo responded by “I think the role of mentors for this generation is to listen and understand”.


After the question-and-answer period, Amy Madrigal, Vice Principal of El Dorado High School thanked everyone for coming and thanked the original panelists from 2017 for attending the event, stating, “Thank you all for coming. I hope you enjoyed these amazing, inspiring, and empowering speeches given by these lovely women, and I hope everyone will attend the Women in Industry 2022 event.” 


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