Another Homeless Village Opens in Hollywood

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The biggest homeless “village” in California will be opening to all Los Angeles County homeless citizens sometime between April 25th and May 1st.


  The village’s construction was sponsored by the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter founded in 2009. Dedicated to “prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger, and homelessness,” according to their website (Hope of the Valley), their services are distributed among 12 facilities. 


This new and innovative village is constructed of more than 100 sixty-four square foot houses. According to ABC7, “The tiny homes offer a bed, air conditioning, heating, and storage space. Working with the faith-based organization Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, this community will provide things like clean bathrooms and showers and three meals a day.”


The second in California, this new North Hollywood village hopes to house as many as 103 people, according to ABC7


“This is a moment of a lot of hope for me,” Mayor Eric Garreti said in an interview with KTLA, “And I know it doesn’t feel like that when you drive through the city because people say the city looks dirty, people are camped everywhere. But to me, it is a moment of deep hope, because I know the numbers, I know the commitment and I know the team that is here.”