Shot’s Fired: What Should I Do?


Alexander Bartolo

S&A’s Guide To Life, If shots are fired; what should I do?

In our modern world, with new weapons being created all the time, shootings are becoming more and more common. However, the real concern is: what should you do?

For starters, if a shooting takes place, run as fast as you can to find shelter. Make sure you are well acquainted with the nearest exits as these may be your only option. states that you should, “run directly to the exit,” and you shouldn’t try evasive maneuvers as these will only slow you down.

Once you begin to run, encourage others to run with you. Also, along the way you should grab anything that could be used as a weapon, as fighting may be inevitable. If you are forced to fight, you should point the weapon up to the roof, and begin to incapacitate the terrorist.

You also should try if possible to escape to a new location. Once you get to your new safe spot, lock and barricade the door so outside entry is not possible. Once you have locked the door you should hide behind a desk or cabinet so you are not visible. 

You should turn off all devices that would make noise such as TVs, radios, and cell phones, etc. Then, dial 911 on the phone, and if you are unable to speak just leave the line open and allow the dispatcher to listen to the situation.

When the authorities arrive, drop everything in your hands, remain calm, and put your hands in the air with fingers spread apart. Do not make any quick movements toward officers as these may be seen as hostile. recommends that when providing information to law enforcement you should give “The location of the active shooter, the number of shooters if more than one, a physical description of shooter/s, number and type of weapons held by the shooter/s, and the number of potential victims at the location.”