Froggy Pin: The Cute Pal You Can Take Anywhere


Ever had the feeling that you need a pal to keep you company? Well, now there is one! This froggy pal is an adorable 30mm hard enamel pin with a gold-plated border. Each pin comes with a matching backing card, personalized thank you note, and a rubber backing to help secure your froggy anywhere you like!

Each pin is mailed in a padded bubble mailer to make sure your froggy makes it to you safely.

As for cost, the majority of it will go to the manufacture and packaging.

This adorable pin is made by Daisukistudio, a pin maker who works in Great Britain. She stated, “I felt that I needed to have a personal project during the lockdown, however, it soon became more than that. I got so much support from friends and family and they are who motivated me to publish this product.”


She explained that the froggy pin was unique, for there is a story behind it. She wanted to make a product that made people feel as warm as she did when her grandfather took her to the lake to see frogs and tadpoles.

She also added that while she had no background in art or design, she always had loved to draw and attends university as a psychology and counseling student.

Her advice for people who hope to be entrepreneurs one day is this: “Go for it! Nothing can limit your creativity and don’t be afraid to reach out and make your ideas a reality!”