Hiking Guy: Trail Guides and Hiking Tips for Everyone

Hiking Guy: Trail Guides and Hiking Tips for Everyone

“You know that you’re doing the right thing when you look forward to working at something you love,” stated Cris Hazzard, a.k.a. Hiking Guy, in an interview with the Matador Messenger. According to Hazzard, his “passion” is just as engaging as any job. Mr. Hazzard, or “Hiking Guy” on his website, celebrated the anniversary of his trail-based website in 2021. 


In 2014, Cris realized that, while he was successful at his job, “thousands of hours in front of computer screens started to take their toll (Hiking Guy).” So, he decided to take a survival course. According to his website, he “went into the woods with nothing but a knife, the clothes on my back, and an open mind. I learned that I could live off the land. I had a blast. I felt renewed, connected, and energized. I realized that a connection with nature was vital to my happiness and well-being.” While he still went back to work after this, he realized that his connection with nature was most important. 


Hazzard reports, “For the first seven years of the website, it was just a hobby. I would do a hike or review a piece of hiking gear and write about it when I had free time from my full-time job (running an ad agency).” However, as his website gained popularity, he pursued it more frequently as a full-time occupation. Currently, Mr. Hazzard spends “20-30 hours hiking, 20-30 hours creating guides, and 10-20 hours managing the website and social accounts. Sometimes my hikes will be in Southern California, but other times I’ll travel to create guides in other parts of the country (and soon the world),” as Cris reported in an interview with the Matador Messenger. 


While Hazzard’s website is now incredibly popular, it wasn’t always so easy.  He says, “It took about five years before my website started catching on and becoming popular.” He first created the website to share tips and guides about local trails with friends and family, but as time went on and the word slowly spread, “others started finding it, and I realized that I could help others I didn’t even know by posting the hike directions and tips.” Cris hit many “roadblocks with the project”, yet he accounts that, “knowing that others would benefit from the site kept me going and pushing through any tough spots (interview with the Matador Messenger).”


“Hiking Guy” reports that his job applies to more than just hiking. “Find what you love in life and put everything you have behind it. Don’t compromise because of money or what people or society tell you to do. Treat your passion like a job, work hard, put all your energy behind it; and although it might be challenging at times, in the end, it won’t feel like a job.”