Surviving Quarantine Boredom: Tips Without Taking Trips

Ten ways to survive this pandemic without going crazy!

With lock down and the pandemic, it’s easy to get bored but quarantine can be safe and fun! These are ten topics that can help you with pandemic boredom.

With these fun and cool ideas, by the end of all this, you’ll be bragging about how much fun you had! You might even try cutting bangs for fun!

  1. Get out there and get active!
  • Go on walks: Go outside, go to the park, walk around the block, or treat yourself and walk to get ice cream.


  • Try new exercises with your family: You can find YouTube videos to make yourself a master of yoga, parkour, gymnastics, pilates, dance, and boxing, just to name a few.


  1. Play games as a family! 
  • Try some multiplayer video games that your whole family can do together: says playing video games is a great way to pass the time! Some examples of fun multiplayer games you can play are Little Big Planet, Minecraft, and Mario Kart.

  • Single Player Games Can Be Fun too: Fall Guys is one example of a single-player game where you have to use strategy to advance in levels. This game can be hard but it makes for a good time.

  • Good Old Board Games: Try playing games such as Monopoly, Janga, The Game of Life, and Sorry
  • Card Games: With just a simple deck of cards you can play games such as Go Fish, Solitaire, and Speed.  


  1. Facetime Friends:
  • Chat: “The Urgent Care” says that calling, zooming, or face timing friends or family is a great way to be social but also stay safe at home. Even if they are in your same classes and you see them every day. Grab your iPhone, call a friend, play a game together, watch a movie, or set up a book club.          

4.Throw a party! (for your family):

  • Party Time! Each week have each person in your family set up a party and activities to do. Your party can include fun games, activities, decorations, fun food, and some prizes! 
  • Say Cheese! Take silly pictures using hats and other props.
  1. Arts and Crafts Room Decorations
  • Firefly Jar: Try making a new lamp out of a jar and some small string lights!


  • Make a Calming Jar: Take a mason jar, mix clear glue,  glitter, and water. Then shake the jar until your frustrations are gone, watch the glitter fall, and feel peace come over you.


  • Make a Banner: Cut colorful pieces of paper into triangles, decorate them, hole punch the top corners, run some string through it, and hang them up in your room. 


  • Paint a canvas: Make a piece of art for your wall. Get a canvas from your local art store and choose paints that represent you. Grab a paintbrush and start going at it. You just do you!


  1. Try Something New! 
  • Go Crazy: Try something new like a new instrument. An alternative form of art you have never tried before. Dye your hair a crazy color, shave your head, or cut bangs.


  • Take A Class: You can take a class on where you can learn a new hobby. Learn to draw anime, code a ROBLOX game, or even take a class on authentic ghost stories and become a professional ghost hunter. 


  1. Bake!
  • Get crazy with the flour and whip something up!  Baking is a fun activity and you can eat it! Try a new recipe that you have never tried before. If you need ideas, you can ask your Alexa or look on Pinterest. Make sure you include a parent so you don’t burn the kitchen down!


  1. Movie Marathon Night!
  • Binge Watch New Movies: Waste an entire day by watching all 3 Descendants movies. Travel the galaxy on the Millenium Falcon by watching all 11 Star Wars movies. Want to make your dad happy, Watch Back to the Future and listen to him tell you how he always wanted a hoverboard. If you really feel lucky, watch the Marvel movies in order. Quarantine will be over before you finish watching them all. 


  1. A Spa Night!
  • Pamper yourself: Do facemasks as a family. Paint your nails. Exchange back massages. Wear fuzzy robes and bunny slippers. Get rid of the smell of your siblings by putting essential oils in the diffuser, light some candles and drink some tea. Maybe put makeup on your little brother and let him do yours for fun too!


  1. Just Have Fun
  • Make A Tent/ or a Fort or a castle so you can have a tea party: According to, a creative activity to do with family is making a fort! Grab boxes, blankets, pillows, chairs, and line them up to create your masterpiece. Tell your parents how nicely you are playing with your siblings and ask for ice cream, a lot of it!


  • Make Stuff out of cardboard: Instead of your dad throwing away all of your mom’s Amazon boxes, use them to build things like a car or a spaceship, or a house or a Nerf battle arena. New boxes arrive daily!


  • The Floor is Lava: Find objects you can stand on with support and then you have to jump from object to object and not touch the floor or you are eliminated. For extra fun, wait until your parents are watching TV, walk down and scream, “Floor is lava!” Then let the game begin.               


  • TIE DYE EVERYTHING: states that tie-dyeing is a great activity for the whole family. because who doesn’t love colorful everything? Grab anything white, your dyes, and let the color party begin! You can do the most common kind, the spiral. You can also do stripes and circles or whatever you want. You can easily make shorts, tee shirts, a bandana, or even a super fun face mask.


In conclusion, there is no reason to be bored during this pandemic. All you need to survive is a little fun, an open mind, and your imagination!  But remember, we will all see each other again soon, so maybe don’t cut your bangs.