Morton Salt Partners with Thirst Project to Bring Fresh Water to All

Morton Salt Partners with Thirst Project to Bring Fresh Water to All

In the last decade, the number of people without access to clean water has been cut in half, but…1000 children under the age of five die from waterborne diseases every day. Together, we will be the generation to end the global water crisis,” said Seth Maxwell, founder of Thirst Project, in an Instagram post. 


Founded by seven nineteen-year-olds, the college students first realized the real danger of dirty water when “a friend” of Maxwell’s drew his attention to the, “people living in our world who didn’t have access to basic, safe drinking water”(Thirst Project). With a mindset to include other young people in their mission, they started Thirst Project, an organization that brings water to deprived communities. 


Recently, Thirst Project has been partnering with Morton Salt to face the crisis of unhealthy water. In 2017, Morton and Thirst Project came together at the 8th Annual Thirst Project Gala, a yearly fundraising event held to raise money and awareness for the project. This specific gala, “featured over 3,000 pulsating lights, our (Morton Salt’s) signature umbrella and high definition cinema graphs to tell the story of the global water crisis to create an emotional, impactful and memorable experience”(Morton Salt). As a result, Morton Salt donated enough money to supply 2,200 people clean water “for life”. 


In the future, as Morton Salt and Thirst Project said on the Thirst Project website, “Watch out for what we do together next…because things are starting to get pretty serious.” They have announced that they are going to, “continue the ‘Walk her Walk’ journey,” in the years to come (Morton Salt).


For those who wish to donate to the ongoing journey towards clean water for all, visit Thirst Project