Fighting Fire with Fire: The Stonewall Riots

Fighting Fire with Fire: The Stonewall Riots


There are many people who have heard of the Stonewall riots. Sadly, it’s unheard of by many more. So here is the story of one of the most liberating responses from and for the LGBTQ+ community.


According to, the riots occurred on June 26, 1969, at a bar in Greenwich Village, New York called Stonewall bar.

It is the reason that June is pride month. The riots occurred because earlier, a police raid had occurred at the Stonewall bar, something that had become normalcy. Raids were made against many bars in New York where members of the LGBTQ+ community were allowed.


According to the New York Times, the police did some pretty ruthless things such as harming a woman in ‘masculine’ clothes who said her handcuffs were too tight. Many believe the woman was a lesbian activist called Stormé DeLarverie.

According to, other members of the community, gay bars, and neighborhood street people fought back after the police became violent as well.


After the riots, the LGBTQ+ community became almost a united front, with people coming together for meetings, and activist organizations were formed in New York. Now, marches are being held in late June and a Stonewall National monument in New York has been made.

The Stonewall bar itself has become an inn and a historic landmark, as well as a reminder of the people that fought against their oppressors for a better future for the next generations, and that the community can unite and fight against hate and win.